CO2 Breath bags for Hydroponics

CO2 Breath bags for Hydroponics

Aussie Mushrooms CO2 Breath bags for hydroponics are a cheap, natural alternative to expensive Carbon Dioxide equipment

Aussie Mushrooms CO2 breath bags will supply CO2 for up to 6 months

Very Simple to use, place inside your greenhouse / grow tent  

If you have fan extraction in the top of your tent place bags below your pots so CO2 is sucked up through the canopy

Or if you have fan extraction from the bottom, hang bags from the roof of your greenhouse/grow  tent 

Available in small and large bags

Contact your local Hydroponics store and ask for them

If they don't stock them tell them to get in contact with us and let us know you told them and we will send you a free bag if they put an order in with us

Contact us at [email protected] :) 

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CO2 Breathe Bag for Hydroponics/Greenhouses

CO2 Breathe Bag for Hydroponics/Greenhouses

Great for bumping up the CO2 in your hydroponic or greenhouse setupRated to support 2-4 plants for up to 6 monthsInstructions: Very simply place the bag in the required area and the Co2 will emit through the filter. (no need to open the bag or do anything else)Made from Australian materials and fungal matter in a 4x4 grow tent, the release of co2 is 800PPM..

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