• Grow box With water Heaters
  • Birth Box with 4Ltrs of Perlite - PLEASE NOTE SPRAY BOTTLE NOT INCLUDED DUE TO SHORTAGE sorry 
  • (Please note, Birth box lid may be slightly different as  our supplier changes it regularly)
  • 6 wide mouth half pint jars
  • 4ltr vermiculite - optional can change to Sawdust for growing Woodloving Species 
  • 500 grams brown rice flour
  • Enough materials to do 2 batches (12 jars)
  • 2x 10ml Syringe and Needles
  • Detailed instructions


All you need is your favourite mushroom spores or L/C syringe and some household items.

Click 'How-to' link below for full Instructions on our Large DIY kit to make, incubate and fruit your jars.

InstructionsHow-to Page


 All Upgrades on the large grow kit page are added with no extra cost to postage

Oyster Ulmarius grows very easily with this kit and is highly recommended :)



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Mushroom DIY Large Complete Grow Kit

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